Fry Mizer Callout

Add value and
convenience to your
kitchen with Fry Mizer's
complete cooking oil
management system.
From premium fresh oil
filtration and waste oil
collection, we have you

Fry Mizer is
changing the way
cooking oil is managed in
high volume deep frying food
service platforms. Our
automated bulk oil delivery and
waste oil collection system
reduces labor demands and injury
risks associated with the
handling and transport of
cooking oils.

Our patented Zeco Oil Filtration
system dramatically reduces
your oil consumption and
provides superior Filtration
for all varieties of liquid
vegetable oil.

Fry Mizer is the only choice for comprehensive cooking oil management solutions in the Carolinas. The Fry Mizer service program, in combination with Zeco Filtration Technology, provides the Restaurant and Hospitality Industry with a clear answer for total oil management.

We do everything from installing automated fresh bulk delivery systems to hands free waste oil collection. Fry Mizer is dedicated to providing the Food Service Industry with a complete oil management program that saves labor, time and money.

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